The Challenge:

This multinational healthcare corporation required ongoing strategic support in targeting architecture, selecting tools, standardizing data, and other business operations related to data structure and enhancement. They engaged with Cyma as their trusted partner in consulting and staffing solutions for over three years.

The Cyma Solution:

Our consultants have developed both standard and customized approaches for extracting, processing, and retrieving financial and production data. Additionally, we have provided Master Data Management consulting in support of a new information system architecture. This included:

  • Implementing the strategy (roadmap), mapping the repositories, identifying data, defining the roles and responsibilities related to the data.
  • Defining the target architecture, selecting the tools and creating the repository.
  • Data porting and standardization, establishing the procedures for data conversion and enrichment and updating the existing applications so they fully benefit from the effects of the changes.
  • Implementing a data management system, establishing the process, implementing indicators for measuring the results and engaging in a continuous improvement cycle.

The Skill Sets That Cyma Has Provided Included

  • MDM Consultants
  • Database Architects
  • Cognos Developers
  • Cognos Admin
  • Informatica Developers
  • SQL Database Developers
  • SQL Database Admin
  • Tableau Developers
  • Tableau Admin
  • Salesforce CRM Developers
  • .Net Developers

We were involved with the process at in all project levels by providing solutions in the Design Stages (consulting, analyzing their data, data warehouse design), and in the Build Stages (data collection, cleansing & consolidation and report production).