Your business needs that crucial edge to make it count, CYMA Systems – aligns and integrates itself with your strategic business goals to deliver meaningful results

Cyma Systems is a technology solutions firm based in Connecticut serving mid-sized and Fortune 1000 businesses. We work with a range of corporate commercial clients as well as with the government sector. As a full-service consulting firm, we engage with our clients to share ideas on how we can help their businesses to become more profitable, to get a jump start on competitors by bringing products to market quickly, reducing costs, maximizing the use of existing technologies, driving more sales through the channel, and to bring additional value by forming a mutually beneficial partnership.

We think that the essence of a successful business is its ability to adapt and transform keeping ground realities in sight. At Cyma we work on leveraging the right synergies between technology and people that work towards transforming the outlook and results of your business.

Our clients have the flexibility to operate using multiple models, choosing ones that best suite them by leveraging on our capabilities which include both onsite and offshore options. Our work speaks for itself, or rather our satisfied customers will vouch for our service quality, error-free products and adherence to strict deadlines. Additionally our confidence in ourselves allows us to give you a written warranty, stating that the work we perform will be of a very high standard and professional quality.

We at Cyma have over a decade of experience in the industry and make sure this expertise and understanding of the changing nuances are put to the best use for our clients.