The Challenge:

A major American manufacturer of precision tools and instruments went live on eBiz R12.1.1 (from R10.7) in 2010. They also wanted to expand their Oracle solution footprint to include iStore in order to introduce a new revenue generating system. The challenges arose as they tried to integrate Oracle iStore with a third party web front.

The Cyma Solution:

Cyma led this project right from its implementation. We helped the company achieve stabilization after their upgrade to R12.1.1, and then went on to overcome all web integration issues to successfully launch Oracle iStore (along with Oracle Payments, for credit card processing).

Product involved:

Oracle eBusiness Suite

System and Product Information:

  • APPS: 12.1.1
  • RDBMS:
  • iAS: 10.1.2
  • Platform: IBM
  • O/S: Linux

Thanks to this successful Oracle implementation, the company was able to launch its website, which now seamlessly integrates with its entire Oracle ERP system.