Zuma Deluxe 1

Zuma is very easy, and it must be said, has a very addictive game. Came even for someone like me, to avoid the plague of puzzles, a computer is connected to the core of any world tour bezala.antzinako Aztec you control a small frog. Another sapo sapo spits balls of different color balls around their center on the road a sacred golden skull destroyed access. Zuma is their job to ensure that sufficient sapobolas spits the balls to destroy the collected strebenaurretik.Zumaachieve skull egitekourrezko three balls of different colors – red, green and yellow. spit balls of matching colors, but only one at a time. Three or more balls lined up in a row, these balls, when you meet someone with the balls of the same color disappear the balls and get points. They-breathing in the ball of the right mouse button, you can change the color, is gong – We have two ways to press the left sua.Zuma Adventure and Gauntlet, it is difficult even Waseem mean the difference betweentwo. Two types of gameplay itself, funky tribal soundtrack and graphics and sound. Error addictive when you get it, and how to see it is to provide balls blown very therapeutic. The downside is probably something very easy balls slowly move delako.Zuma a great game for ambosatraer√° for adults and children. Note that this version of the study is limited to 60 minutes.

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