The Promise 2017

The year is 1914. The Great War looms, the great Ottoman Empire collapsed. Constantinople, once a vibrant, multi-cultural capital on the banks of the Bosphorus, will be consumed by chaos. Michael Boghosian, arrived in the cosmopolitan center as a medical student determined to modern medicine brings to return to Siroun back his ancestral village in southern Turkey, where Muslim Turkey and Christian Armenia did not live side by side for centuries. ChrisMyers photo journalist, Ikomhier only partially covers the geo-politik.Dia fascinated love Ana, was an artist of Armenia participated from Paris to the sudden death of his father. When Michael met Ana, touting their common heritage Armenian attraction, which exploded in a romantic rivalry between the two men. If the Turks themselves have an alliance with the German Empire and became violent towards ethnic minorities, should their conflicting passions be zawieszonepodczas join forces to oorleefselfs threatening as eventsTo overcome them.

Set in the days of the Ottoman laluEmpayar, the promise of a love triangle between Michael, a medical student excellence, which is beautiful and sophisticated, and Chris-famous American journalist based in Paris.

Shortly after delivery to a hospital staff shortage cop suffered bizarre and violent incidents appear relatedto group secretive hood figure. When a police officer, Carter (Aaron Poole) found a man covered with blood on a deserted road, he threw himto the hospital, basic tempatandengan nightshift workers. If undertaken as a cult figure around the building, patients and staff at the beginning of the turn raging mad. They are trying to protect the victims, Carter takes them to the depths of the hospital, where they discovered the entrance to przestępstwaWielki.

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