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One thing that annoys me a lot about Windows, this is an incredible amount of time the computer takes files from one place to another to move or copy. Fortunately I can now use tool that will eliminate this prablemu.TeraCopy you and / or peremischennyafayliv in Windows, a much faster way you will be for the work of several gigabytes, especially grateful dadenyh.Prahrama not be easier: Just select the files you wantCopy or move, right-click, and vyberytseCamanda “TeraCopy”. The program will launch a window where you can select (move, copy, test) the target folder and the correspondent action.TeraCopy can also be run independently, in this case you must Drag the files you want to copy or move a window. This procedure, though, is not intuitive as you use the context menu, since it takes a while to get the basicMenus and options in TeraCopy interface st.TeraCopy copies and moves large amounts of files much faster than standartnyyafaylavy manager for Windows.

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