STALKER: Lost Alpha Developers Cut v1


Release Date: 2014

Type action (real-time) / Self add-on / 3D / 1 Person / 3rd party

Developer GSC Game World / Dez0vave

Publisher: Dez0vave

Version of the game ()

Language: English, German,Italian

Audio language: English

Tablet: not necessary

System requirements:

OperatingSystem: Windows XP Professional SP3 / Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8

Processor: Intel Core ™ 2 Duo Ghz


Video: 1024 MB / Intel / ATI

Sound Card: DirectX compatible

Free space on hard disk: 22 MB


Lost Alpha- Global Game pagbabagoMga: Call of Pripiat (independent of the original game), built from 2007-2008.

International English-speaking team development team Dez0vave.

The main purpose of the change is the reconstruction and the emergence ofThe Stalker 2003-2004.

This is the longest period of development in the universe Stalker (Stalker in izuzetkomsamog).

Final Cut STALKER Lost Alpha development, construction team Dezovave. The main activities developed Cut (DC) to expand gameplay and fix bugs in the pastLA.

Alpha cut lose developed repacked version, which includes pre DC + DC +!

This version repacked development awards. It contains pre-patch dc, and Washington, DC, with the latest version.All contained in a single patch for easier management.

Alpha HoćešPotrebno not installed first, then it will be great, and you are ready to play. If you install the first beginningbagongsa game you want. If you are from different sources, the beginning of the game is also recommended, otherwise there will not solve all force. Patch will be deleted to ensure that nothing is left of the old version,Which can cause problems.

We’re working on releasing forumng, and try to correct mistakes is all we can do in a short time to play fun more.We will announce record changed once it has been completed, it is not very long, but not short.

Do not forget to bug us, if something happens, we will try to help kungposible.However, there are many reports focused on the customer, not / Our /. In most cases, this allows us time to help, but we did, and in the end, everyone is happy.We will maintain the position of the player, which is friendly to us, dahilkami for them.

Important note:

Akoinstalacije not letters, do not forget to install the driver eventually, content and other third parties,So the game will seamlessly work properly.

If you have a problem, remove it from the container, using genericdriver the game. It is possible that it will not work any hardware. We can not tryAll possible variants.

Change the record:

– adjusting for Agile (crash course)

– mistakes and the NPC getaway

– Fix for crash and explode period

– Fix for value artefakatanulte

The task -naitamaMole in the Agroprom

– Fix for a factory in Cordon, now petruha and the team will follow, if you decide to do it yourself

– Agile dying in the village under the bridge and vice versa

-Fox did not die or respond noise kanyangBunker

– Fixed script error related to the performance of the sanctity of the NPC

– Fix for Darkscape range of weapons mission Actor

-fikedBugs pda accident Darkscape

– Fixed bug with the pda accident death

– Fixed symbol dark for some upgrades atkakaiba

– Fixed behavior of soldiers in the city dead

– improve the level of the Deadcutscene Citi (cutscene now dubbed) has

– the constant search documents Sidorovich

– fundamental particles in the range of forest

– Edit icon Forest Quest Level

– Consultation on killing bloodsuckers King idinagdagpara Petrenko

– Escape ponavljanjeCutscene enough to

-Some solution to translate into Russian and English

– ITA GER displaced and local content, they are not yet complete

– Skill solution for PDAs, they are not updated properly before

-Fixed related UI fell 4: 3 screen

Support for -added 4: 3 screen, FIK of Lone_Vanderer21

– Fix fell 4: 3

– purpose weapon solution for Position 4: 3 resolution

– Structural binoculars fiked

– NPC grenade throwing back

Dozón it again!

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