Rock Dog 2016

In the case of Tibetan Mastiff lives in Mount Snow, life is simple riff dog: Beware peaceful village sheep thogiego linnux wolf and a donkey. To avoid interference, the leader Mastiff Khampa prohibiting any music on the mountain. But when her body fell radio Nagarkot found by a passing airplane, only takes a few guitar licks that have closed: Body wants to be a rock star. This means, however, that go against the wishes of his father, with a view to the citydanzlokalizującLegendarny and reclusive – Angus Scattergood musicians need to write a new song and quickly. If you can connect equipment Bodi help werewolves Angus and defeat their songs, take Mountain Snow, your life is in harmony. Bodi do this, you always dream of more than a dog … more rock hellhound will jump!

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