RapidTyping 5.2

Being fast and accurate writing is increasingly important in today’s world of computers and devices. In RapidTiping you can easily improve your typing.

RapidTiping give you the steps to the art of typing without looking at the keyboard a few simple exercises. Through the program, the letters are located next to each other sakeyboard by training particular groups as well as the right to use each of them showshis middle finger. AmaieranIkasgaiarenĊ arena safe introduces its statistics and improvement work.

RapidTiping interface is a little strange, some background images and animations can be quite nakalilitokasama all. Fortunately, you can turn off and the plain, use a white background to their lessons.

Regarding lessons, those who belong to RapidTiping is pretty basic; grupeOni cover art only a lack benetakohitzakor phrase. On the positive side, you can easily create your own aralinat put yourself in a real test with custom text.

RapidTiping you can easily improve the accuracy and speed of typing.


He added that the Arabic language interface

Arabic text right-to-left pravcaFiksni bugs and Hebrew keyboard layout

Fixed a visual lesson on some of the graphics card larawanwindow bug

Kendutakoerrepikatzen sound Shift

UpdatedTraditional Chinese language interface

Updated Czech language interface

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