Nt Live: Amadeus 2017

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, rowdy young prodigy came to Vienna, the music capital of the world – and he decided to make a splash. Fascinated by his genius, court composer Antonio Salieri has the opportunity to promote their talents or destroy his name. Taken obsessive jealousy beginswar and Mozart, and music, and ultimately, with God.

Billie Piper extraordinary returns to its award-winning roli.Dama motivated by desire and ambition unthinkable to have a child radicaluzalishaji Simon StoneLorcas aching strong masterpiece. You can not miss the place sold only in YoungVic and critics call his excellent performances and unconditional victory, burning, # 39; Billie Piper leading performance will be exciting, beautiful and destructive # 39; Located in a modern London, description Payperszhanchyna in her thirties desperate to conceive builds strength rulersstunning, amazing rush. Please note that this is not the broadcasting time.

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