MAGIX Video Pro X8

MAGIX Video Pro X 8 (64)

MAGIX Video Pro X to produce excellent video editing software is a simple and powerful. This award-winning video editing package aimed at the specific needs of the user and the ambitious and professional post-production offers unmatched range of advanced tools.

Professional video editing

detailed editing options, outstanding performance and movie effects at the highest quality picture and sound access.

video production

Aukeratutresna awide range of, among other things, to shoot video effects GPU optimized, high-precision instruments and doskonaleniamateriał installing cameras.

audio edition

real-time audio mixer, a sample control and precise keyframe editor, as well as the transfer quality sound effects give you everything you need to optimize.


as plug-in NewBlue package design with access to all the additives affect the spectacular color filters and proDAD Mercalli V2 ditumugitu or image stabilizationis perfect.

Key features:

care format Professional (ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

– Proxy edit smooth scalable 4K video editing

– Primary and secondary 3-way color correction

– Multiple camera editing to nine tracks at the same time

– Comprehensive support action cam

– Surround sound editing broadcast quality

– Decoding hardware-based HD and UHD (,)

– NewBlue Appearance: Quality handienaKolore films memorable filters

The new version:

* Fixed problems with importsMXF files

* Vaste’N rare przerwyeksportu HEVC to allow

* On-line and adjusting length of very small objects

* Click on the scroll bar is now used as a definite position / size

* Dialogue Box is position / size values ​​are now updated play marker moved

* Visual effects the position / size adjustment to provide all the track (GPUCPU)

* Fixed the destruction of the image position / size of the crop due to the effects of

* Fixed image distortion combined with the effectsof crop and

* Connect with the consequences of the culture of a defect fixed tytułoraz

* Fixed a crash using a modification of previously disabled see the effects

* Fixed a bug that prevented the implementation of the video frames “video level”

* Fixed a bug when you as Multicam

* Audio recording depends not more, another program when you press the Esc key

* Fixed program that prevented the closing of the program at the end of the first use of an error

* Fixed camera box /zoom in on an error

* Fixed an error when the number of monitors changing the standby mode and after surgery

* Black ramkiusunięte file a power of attorney, that video of the harvest “was active

* Fixed an error loading the effect templates

* Images (BMP) with the change in size and scope demise finkoagakoa

* Fixed a closed course of property caused by the disappearing effect when the object / project to drag a mistake

* Fixed crash when using very long file paths

*Added a warning message when invalid lookup tafel’n download

* Fixed crash when loading unsupported lookup tables

* Fixed an error lookup tables projektyz life / charged

* Improved abiaduraondorioak based lookup tables

* Change Fixed preview lookup tables when monitors

* Fixed a few accidents in the calculation results

* Improve the quality of the border to move objects

* Fixed animated objects (especially the title) that causes a failure, soon afterleaving the visible region

* Fixed foutvlugtig in an object to its original position (only if the object was previously dawidzialnymObszar go beyond the monitor)

* Fixed color brightness / contrast as a distortion at the beginning or end of the curve when the move

* Most Improved view / animation effects for speed

* Fixed an error loading or saving keyframes OpenFX plugins

* Fixed incorrect values ​​in the window when a review of the assets and the potential consequences OpenFXDitactive weather

* Alpha channel materialdaiteke chroma key already handicapped

* Restore the box checked jasnościi chroma key states

* Fixed problem with the materials and work on the Mercalli image stabilization (DVD)

* The project is now complete path to the folder will start window reappears

* Animation to improve route and constant failures (Operation zoom performance, add new map)

* Small fixes interface and location



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