FIFA 09 might king of football games and top the revival of the series. This means that there are high hopes for FIFA 10, the latest version of EA classic.

Although visually not far from its predecessor, FIFA 10 will demonstrate exhibited some “under the hood” changes that really improve the game. largestone is the introduction of 360 degree control. Players no longer move in eight directions, but no matter how you want. tseupravlenieGorazdo thinner and gives you more ability buigsaamheiden much more creative game.

FIFA 10 players in the animation completely redesigned – now they movewith real character and leak looks great. Do your teammates well as increased intelligence made them act more naturally and, therefore, less likely to do what you want.

Management FIFA 10 also updated, possibly in response to the rich experience of Pro EvolutionKonamiFutbolny. FIFA10 players have “ambitions” that invloedlos them – if your team is full of defenders, it can be hard to convince others to join, because they are very rare cases where a player wants to promote gaming career.

Cleaner and more subtle game than its predecessor, FIFA 10 – realimprove further step towards a fully realistic football.

Everyone knows that there are two types of gamer – those who like Pro Evolution Soccer, and those who prefer FIFA.

Until recently, I would not say vamscho idiots in the latter camp, weetnie nothing about computer games or football. Fromthe latest version of EA Games, I was shocked that I was more impressed with FIFA (largely because it is more like Pro Evo, I would argue). FIFA 08 is by far the best release to date and it seems that the game uiteindelikbereik age of majority.

08Kak FIFA game ever, and thanks to somechanges in the mechanism of fire, defensive pressure, players and harakterystykynavit influence of pressure, it is now a very realistic simulation of a good game. Figure isgladde, detailed and well animated and the commentary and crowd effects do the same thing as if watching on TV. Always profitablylicensing on its side, FIFA 08 has a staggering 620 teams from 30 leagues, and a total of more than 1,500 werklikedie players at your disposal.

Daily management is an earlier version, and FIFA 08 has a new feature that I’ve been wanting to futboluzapustyv game. Daily called «Be A Pro: Co-opseason “see you to create your own player profiles and play danJy player of the season in a team with other friends or online. This is an interesting experience that you have a chance to prove how good you are giving the game and develop their skills as an individual player.

With conventional smoothoffers infinitely customizable options, Pro Evo 2008 really have to go out to lead FIFA 08.

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