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If you run Android on your PC? Andy OS only allows that after the full Android experience on the desktop.

Features Andy OS

Unlike Bluestacks, which only run to Android OS Andy application gives you full access to the Google funcionamentomotor. You can download and install applications and games on Google Play APK or side loads, and run them through Andy OS. This is particularly useful for applications such as messaging WhatsApp,Viber, online or from the desktop.

But much more than just Andy running applications: software also supports messaging, widgets, view files (including access to the local file system) applications, data synchronization, and gestures SENSOR COOPER.

Andy is great for mobile gaming as it allows you to use your phone or tablet as a remote control for the desktop emulator. It is easy to play certain types of action games or racing games, for example.

At the moment writing,Andy OS Android Jelly Bean run Although it is a pity that it was not before the latest version of the operating system (KitKat), for the moment, rather than that should be the most applications.

It is easy to use?

Andy OS is not as simple as Bluestacks, in the sense that it requires a little more setup. However, it is still very simple. Andy OS through VirtualBox virtual machine that comes with the installer. After vyzavantazhyly and the software installed, you canThe openingepercorrer application configuration options of Android would run for the first time a regular mobile device.

I experienced random crashes when it starts, but usually works well.

Andy OS is optimized for “avanzadousuarios” because it can be modified in several ways. For the beginning, you can change the way that it works in a virtual machine, forexample allocate more memory to run it faster. But Android operating system canAlso through Andy, so you can make more adjustments to the operating system itself. If you want to install custom wheels or switch to another jug.

The best way to get Android on your desktop

Andy OS is very easy to set up, fully customizable and gives you the full experience of Android.

If you want to play only casual games or popular prostyydodatkiv run, Bluestacks is a trouble-free solution. But if you really want AndroidIn Windows emulate, not OS chamadaAndy.

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