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If you have decided to communicate through IRC, you need to specialized customer today is not enough, but in this article I want to tell you about AdiIRC. This client has a server and support for working with plugins that can significantly extend the standard feature. After downloading and quick installation, launch the program before the relevant details of the window aparecerácon to connect to the server, you can leave everything as it is, and you can change the iyongpalayaw, chooseone of the available servers and connection port.

Please note that the program AdiIRC communication not only with users on the server, but it can also share files with them, thanks to the support DDC. If necessary, you can immediately open a few servers, and then switch between them to switch between tabs in the browser comoun. The customer has built a large number of servers for communication, you may be added if necessary.

If you are familiarthis typuProgram all pakikitungoat you can get without a problem. You can configure the client to automatically naming the channel had a gap of communication, you can set different alarm sounds at the event.

I remember that the program is not AdiIRCpares best known, but it does not mean anything, believe, and all system configuration was not enough, so I can recommend it to work with IRC, at least just to try and make their own conclusions. With the EWS, you do not need hanapinito canimmediately start a conversation, and you can add your own, I wrote sobreenriba, if you prefer, simply decided to remember.

Incidentally, I forgot to write, do not be afraid screenshots, they know they are in English, in fact, the support of Russia, certainly believe that it is not so easy to do this, go to settings, it instead click on the icon in the main instrument of dialogue , select the tab General – in the lower right corner you can change the language poponownierun the program, and it is good dahilanlalongtoda luck!

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